Fulfillment Policy

On Air Brands offers podcast production services, including:

  • Podcast strategy development
  • Launch planning
  • Equipment consultation
  • Editing audio and video footage
  • Publication to all major podcast platforms
  • Editing episode into clips/reels/posts for social media
  • Publishing content to social media platforms 
  • Ongoing podcast and branding strategy consultation

Pricing is dependent upon factors such as podcast format, length, a new podcast launch or an existing podcast, complexity of the show, and branding needs. Please note that On Air Brands accepts USD currency.

At On Air Brands, we work with a limited number of clients in order to provide specialized and personalized services.

We pride ourselves on creating a custom-tailored experience for each of our clients and producing a podcast that meets their unique needs.

Please contact info@onairbrands.com to set up a consultation call.